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Meeting Notes

Project: VCAF Discovery

Document:  VCAF – Environment, Health & Safety

Date: 3/20/12


Meeting Info


Meeting with: Mark Freiberg, Alma Valencia, Cheryl Reinman, Denise Cronin

Date: March 13, 2012, 10:00am

Location: 370 U-Hall


EH&S Team Meeting: Mark Freiberg, Alma Valencia, Denise Cronin, Greg Haet, Steve Maranzana, Cindy Durant, Brandon Defrancisci, Tony Yuen, Pat Goff

Date: March 20, 2012, 1:00pm

Location: 370 U-Hall





Survey Results


       Number of webpages:

o        EHS: 4504 (Primary site)

o        RFS: 46

       Created for a specific project on remediation and restoration process

       Primary purpose to put up technical and regulatory documents

       10 year history of investigation, reports, monitoring

       7-8 years old; no major redesign

o        SC: 284

       7-8 years old; no major redesign, but continual updates

       Frequency of content updates:

o        EHS: Daily updates, but most of site is general information that doesn’t change

o        RFS: 1-5 updates/month (news and new documents)

o        SC: 1-5 updates/month


o        EHS: Joomla; initially selected because at the time interface was simpler, security and development considerations

o        RFS: Static; internal staff (Carl) uses Adobe Contribute to update content

o        SC: Static; internal staff (Tim) uses Adobe Contribute to update content

       Hosting: On campus (Department-run internal); RFS and SC hosted by IST

       Comments: No. Other forms of feedback (email)

       Audio or video: Yes (YouTube)

       Downloadable files (e.g., Word, Excel, PDF): Yes

       Additional functionality (forms, registration, commercial activity, workflow):

o        Forms – online forms

o        Registration (links to LMS) – part of workaround

o        Workflow (approval required for posting to live site)

o        RFS: None

o        SC: Live Feeds

       Accessibility review: No

       Primary audience:

o        EHS: Staff, Faculty, Students, Internal EH&S, Other UCs, Regulators

o        RFS: Community, Internal EH&S, Regulators, people that work at RFS, consultants

o        SC: Students, Faculty, Internal EH&S, Visitors, General Public

       Top types of visitors:

o        EHS: Staff (repository or gateway to another database)

o        RFS: Consultants (currently top type) looking at development; community members (used to be top type); regulated parties; agencies that regulate

o        SC: Students, researchers, community creek group

       Top tasks:

o        EHS:

       Guidance, policy, compliance

       Forms and approvals (events with food)

       Fact sheets

       Standard operating procedures, job safety

       Financial (accountants or PIs who want to establish account)

       Fire, RAD, hazardous waste

       Inquiry about safety

       Environmental info

       Training (lot of training information)

       Gateway to 7 large applications (separate db/applications)

o        RFS:

       Looking for a specific technical document


       Links to regulatory agencies

       Fact sheets

       Links to Training goes to EHS site

o        SC:

       News and events (restoration, cleanup events, rainfall)

       Used as open lab for students (info student researchers can use)

       Current data (including weather data)

       Link to

       Information on creek spills (e.g., diesel spill in 12/2011)

       Historical documents

       Ability to donate

       Website redesign planned:

o        EHS: Yes (currently underway)

o        RFS: No

o        SC: No

       Track data: Google Analytics (only EHS)

       Additional web development tools: Various for EHS

       Unique visitors per month:

o        EHS: 4504

o        RFS: Unknown

o        SC: Unknown

       Any particular spikes or downtime:

o        EHS: Beginning of each semester and end of semester are busier; quieter during summer (but higher traffic more recently because Extension classes)

o        RFS: Depends on project

o        SC: Semester is busy

       Intranet: Yes








Assigned To

Internal Project Manager

Responsible for resourcing, timing, coordinating, overseeing content, etc.

Alma Valencia

Content Editors

Can create/edit content on website(s). Basic training required.

6 people (team reps from each site); workflow (Cheryl is approval)





Preferred Choice



Group One


Group Two


Group Three


Group Four




Readiness and Needs


       Currently undergoing a redesign – part of strategic initiative

       Internal team is looking at issues

       Talking to focus groups (Dept Safety Coordinators and building coordinators; capital projects; physical maintenance; PIs/researchers; managers/supervisors)

       Focus groups completed by end of March

       Next step will be to share with managers

       April: Design proposal and present to senior management

       May-June-July: Look at implementation options


Is the information architecture current?

Revisiting as part of redesign


Is the content up-to-date?

Mostly up-to-date


Existing Website


What's working:

       Will come out of internal analysis

       Content is good and up-to-date; can improve navigation and structure

       Visitors like having key information on primary page, e.g., Blue button on home page that goes to database for HWP (separate application)


What's not working or needs improvement (pain points):

       Search feature – sometimes not working properly; can’t find key information; pages may be named improperly

       Hard to find things - visitors have to know terminology

       Cluttered interface; preference to keep main pages and sections minimal

       Users get overwhelmed, e.g., chart of links by following “Working at UC Berkeley > Type of Work”

       Grouping things from user perspective rather than by internal organization (ask users for top 4-6 things they are looking for, e.g., guidance for doing work safely)

       Simplified main page; photo takes a lot of valuable screen real estate

       Hover links (with additional information/preview of where they’re going)

       Too much on screen (have to scroll down to get to basic information); people look to EHS to simplify complex laws, so the primary information should not feel overwhelming (can put detailed information on nested pages or lower down on screen)


Wish list items (e.g., forms, workflow):

       What’s new/updated


       Calendar that includes trainings

       Pull-down or expandable menus that take up less initial screen real estate

       Bettter integration with learning management system

       Additional items will come out of internal analysis




Current logos:


       Safety is part of science (work with Lisa C. of UC Printing Services)




Internal development team (Joomla)




       UC San Diego – organized by customer needs rather than department; suggestion that VCAF site be organized by user rather than org tree (VCAF sites currently organized by Org Chart)

       Alma will send documents and indicate if OK to put on wiki site

o        List of priorities for web

o        Website references

       EH&S also has a Lab Safety Facebook site and a CalShare site for Standard Operating Procedures (will decommission)

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