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What is Ad Hoc?

Ad Hoc is where you can build your own analysis off the data in the Finance - GL Answers subject area. You are able to build a variety of different views, such as tables, pivot tables, graphs, charts, gauges, and much more.

Ad hoc works the same across Cal Answers, so once you understand it, you can build analyses in any subject area that you have access to!

Use the Ad Hoc Analysis Resource Guide linked below to understand the various areas, icons, functionality, and more. It is an excellent resource to get you started building your own analyses.

The capabilities within ad hoc are numerous, so if you want to get more advanced, google "OBIEE Answers" and you can find all kinds of information online, from bloggers, Oracle forums, user communities, etc. to take you as far as you wish to go. The current version we are using is OBIEE and we will upgrade to 12.2 in early 2019.

Please Note:

Because ad hoc is open query access, we cannot guarantee that you have created an accurate query. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to support you directly in this data exploration. We have provided the tools - the outcome is up to you.

To help with validating your analysis, we recommend checking the Finance dashboards to verify that your totals match the published totals that we DO support and guarantee. If you feel there is an error in a dashboard, please open a ticket with the Cal Answers help desk by emailing

Ad hoc is "use at your own risk" because we do not have the resources at the help desk or on the Cal Answers team to assist you with ad hoc requests. We do encourage the formation of Communities of Practice, peer sharing/learning and other forms of knowledge transfer.  

Please Do Not use formulas in the DB Functions and Analytics folders, as they have the ability to bring down the entire Cal Answers system.

This wiki is a work in progress, so we will update it with additional information as time permits. 

Ad Hoc Analysis Resource Guide - This PDF guide will help you navigate the ad hoc editing tool.

Getting Started with Finance - GL Answers Templates

Sharing an Ad Hoc Analysis

Saving Ad Hoc Analyses to the Shared Folder

How to Add a Row Count to Your Ad Hoc Analysis

Data Dictionary 

Ad Hoc Tips

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