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Tip for finding the column/measure you want in ad hoc: use the search function so you don't need to open up each folder. Example:


Tip for not having to reorder your columns twice, once in the Criteria tab, once in the Results tab:

User question: The order for the table columns in the Criteria and Results tab is not synchronized. When you moved certain columns in the criteria tab, the change does not carry over to the results tab. You have to manually change for a second time in the results tab. Is there an easier way to do this?

Answer: If you reorder the columns in the Criteria section before you have opened the Results section for the first time, then the reordering will transfer over to Results. Once you have opened Results once, however, it is easiest to all your reordering directly in the Results section. 


When you filter on an attribute "is null" and that doesn't produce results, try "is equal to" "[space]" or "-". There are fields that aren't null because they have an invisible space.

Another way you can address all possibilities at once is in the filters:

"[Attribute]" "is equal to" "[space]"

OR "[Attribute]" "is null"

OR "[Attribute]" "is equal to" "-"


Replicate the dashboard by including all the criteria that are selected in the dashboard. If you don't know where to start, you can use the templates (available for Finance) or find the dashboard in the Catalog Shared Folders and copy it to your My Folders.

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