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This page lists items to keep in mind when using Student Curriculum data in Cal Answers.

Course Grade Distribution

Grades in Courses

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the university defaulted all Spring 2020 course enrollments to a pass/no pass basis, with the option for individual students to change any of their courses back to a letter-graded basis.  Since P/NP/S/U grades do not carry any grade points, this will cause a substantial fluctuation in grade and GPA trends.

Students & Courses

Majors in Courses

The Majors in Courses report shows the majors of students who enroll in courses offered by a given unit.  When using this dashboard, you should note that students with multiple majors can make interpreting this data somewhat complex.  In order for enrollment counts to sum properly, this report prorates student counts by major.  For instance, a student majoring in both Psychology and Bioengineering gets counted as 0.5 under each major.  This is the case regardless of which course-offering unit you've selected; the report does not have the ability to treat the student differently depending on the academic unit you've selected.

For example, if you select the course Psychology 150 in the report filters, our example Psychology/Bioengineering double major student would appear as 0.5 under "Enrollments by Majors in the Department" and as 0.5 under "Enrollments by Majors Outside of the College" even though they are taking that course to fulfill requirements in their Psychology major.  For units that have a large number of students with multiple majors, such as Statistics or Spanish, this can make it look like more students from outside the major are taking classes in that field than is actually the case.

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