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Need help?
Go here:

Activating your CalNet ID?

Please visit the Activating your CalNet ID page.

Changing your passphrase if you already know it?

Visit the change passphrase page.

Resetting your passphrase if you have forgotten it?

You will need to see a CalNet Deputy in your department or visit the Cal 1 Card office. You will need to present a valid Cal 1 Card ID or state/federal ID to be issued a new passphrase.

Creating a CalNet Guest account?

You must have a sponsor request a CalNet Guest account on your behalf.  Any UC Berkeley employee can serve as a CalNet Guest sponsor.  For more information, please visit the CalNet Guest and Affiliate Accounts page.

Setting your CalNetKey?

Visit the set CalNetKey page.

Need to update your directory information?

Most information contained in the campus directory is information you need to update yourself. The only data the campus directory pulls automatically from the HR system is your home department. All other contact information, such as your title, address, and phone number needs to be entered and updated by you directly. To update your directory information, please visit our Directory Update Page.

Resetting your CalNetKey?

Verify the answers to your security questions or visit a CalNet Deputy or the Cal 1 Card office.

Logging in to a specific application?

You can verify to see if there is a specific problem with your CalNet ID, by going to the Test CalNet ID page. If you are able to authenticate successfully, this means your CalNet ID is active, but the application you are attempting to use does not recognize it. If this is the case, you will need to contact the department that manages the application directly. Check on the application website for support contact information.
If you are not able to authenticate using the Test CalNet ID page, send e-mail to Customer Support.

IST Knowledge Base

Many CalNet-related questions are answered in the IST Knowledge Base. We encourage you to look there.

Cal 1 Card Office

The Cal 1 Card Office provides frontline support for CalNet services, including passphrase resets. Please visit them at 180 Cesar Chavez Center, Lower Sproul Plaza, or call the office at (510) 642-4126, or send an e-mail to Customer Support

CalNet Deputies

Most campus departments have one or more CalNet Deputies, staff who are trained to assist you with CalNet-related issues, including passphrase resets. To find a CalNet Deputy in your department, please see the CalNet Deputies list.

LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Affiliates Only

Information pertaining to Cal 1 Card and CalNetID eligibility and procedural requirements for LBNL affiliates:

LBML affiliates may also request assistance from the LBNL IT Help Desk at 510-486-4357 or Help Request

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