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Welcome to CalNet Identity and Access Management

Here you can establish an online identity — your CalNet ID and associated passphrase — which you can then use to access many UC Berkeley online services.

CalNet is based on Kerberos technology, so you will sometimes see references to Kerberos principals and passphrases. In the UC Berkeley context, these are the same as CalNet IDs and passphrases.

CAS URLs for UC Berkeley


For UC Berkeley-affiliated web sites, during CAS authentication, you will typically see in your browser as part of the authentic and trusted web address (URL). For your safety, please trust no other unverified URLs with your CalNet credentials!

Knowledge Base for CalNet:

We've added answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to the IST Knowledge Base. The IST Knowledge Base contains answers to questions about a variety of IST services and allows you to send email to the services asking for further clarification.

Note to Students:

Student data for Incoming Fall Undergraduates is loaded into the CalNet Directory a few days after the Statement of Intent to Register form has been submitted and initial fees have been paid.

End of March: Initial data for Fall incoming undergraduate students is added to the Directory.

Beginning of April: The CalNet Directory will start receiving student data for the Fall Program for Freshman (FPF).

Mid-May: and each Monday thereafter, data will be added for Grad students.

September: Spring Semester students will be added to the Directory.

If you are a grad student, are not yet in the Directory and feel you should be, please contact Grad Division by sending email to

Please see the SCHEDULE of CALNET STUDENT DATA FEEDS for the time of year each semester's student data is added to CalNet.