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This is a list of Drupal Contractors and Shops based on information others have provided to us.

Web Platform Services does not make any recommendations regarding vendors.

Do not list phone numbers or mailing addresses here. 

Drupal Shops

Drupal ShopContact InfoUCB Projects and ContactsDate UpdatedAdded byNotes
Agile Humanities Agency

Dean Irvine,

Integration between DiRT tool directory & DHCommons project directory (Research IT), module upgrade (Slavic faculty project), extensive custom theme (History of Art faculty project)2014/11/20Quinn Dombrowski,

Dean Irvine, the person in charge of AHA, is an English professor in Canada who has led a number of Drupal-based digital humanities projects. He deals with the logistics and paperwork for a number of developers he's worked with who want to do freelance work on academic projects. He has extensive experience with higher ed, particularly the humanities, and communicates well with faculty, including those with little or no technical experience (though I've volunteered as a technical go-between for these projects.)

Kanopi Studios 

UC Berkeley School of Information
Kevin Heard -

UC Berkeley CLTC - Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity
Matt Nagamine -
Kanopi Studios is a web agency focused on data-informed & human-centric solutions. We design, build and support WordPress and Drupal websites for clients that want to make a positive impact. Kanopi founder and CEO Anne Stefanyk have a long history of involvement with the San Francisco open source community and are the lead organizers of the Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp), the co-organizer of San Francisco Drupal User Group (SFDUG), and Kanopi is part of the WordPress Camp US (WCUS) organizing team. All of the staff are senior-level experts, many are thought leaders in the field, and as a fully distributed team, they hire the best design and development talent across North America. They are proud members of the Drupal Association and active WordPress and Drupal community contributors.

AtenDesign Group

Jon Clark

 Social Science Matrix (previous version)2014/02/19Rochelle Terman, rterman@gmail.comAten is doing the Social Science Matrix site. While they haven't finished the project at time of recommendation, I've been very

impressed by their professionalism, capacity and quality of work. – Rochelle

Digital Business Intelligence

Chris O'Donohue

2014/02/06Chris O'DonohueSince 1999, DBI owns a group of companies that specialize in Drupal training, development, support, and marketing- North Studio (Drupal development & support), Q College (Drupal Training) and Stikky Media (Digital Marketing). With a single point of contact you have access to everything Drupal!
Drupal Connect

Drupal Connect was founded in 2008 and has made Inc Magazine’s list of the fastest growing companies in America twice. Drupal Connect was also awarded top Drupal Agency in New York by and rated the top company to work for in Rhode Island by We have sponsored dozens of Drupal events, Drupalcons and are regarded as one of the top Drupal agencies in North America. Some of our private sector clients have included McKesson, Olympus, Career Builder, A&E, Sony Music, Guess Watches, AOL and over 300 others. Our higher Ed experience is extensive, San Francisco State University, Texas University School of Business, Stanford University, Columbia University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Harvard, Yale and many more.

Project 6

Esten Sesto:


Principal Leadership Institute


Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

Daphannie Stephens, ConnectEd
I can't say enough about how highly I recommend Project 6.  They are outstanding to work with on every level. They are absolute professionals with an ability to be innovative and creative that is noteworthy.  Unfortunately, you do not often find such a high dose of creativity, collaboration and professionalism in one organization or individual but it can be found at Project 6.  I was most impressed with their ability to problem solve and design around a number of challenges.  They are just amazing!
If you have any additional questions or would like to talk to me directly, please do not hesitate to contact me at

10 person design and Drupal development firm.

Berkeley-based (just down on 5th Street / University).

Use Pantheon on almost all projects.

Have worked with UCSF for 9+ years.

Black Antelope

Scott Hildebrand

Eric Hildebrand - Reference Vicki Lucas ( (previous site) - Reference Gloria Chun (

2022/04/06Scott HildebrandSmall shop run by two brothers.
Project RicochetCasey Cobb
Partner / Developer
Project Ricochet

Mobile: 925.270.4935 
Smart Truck (still in progress) - Rachel Finson,

PATH (previous version) - Alex Bayen / Greg Merritt,

SinBerBest (Discovery) - Costas Spanos,
2013/07/15Casey Cobb
  • References
    • John Kealey, UCSF
    • Zack Chandler, Stanford

Andrew Mallis:


SafeTrec (previous version) - Phyllis Orrick

Chapter Three

  • Well known shop
  • May focus on larger-scale (~$50K) projects
Molly Duggan
UCB Projects and Contacts
  • Well known shop

Individual Contractors

Contractor NameContact InfoWorked on a UCB Project?Date UpdatedAdded byNotes
Amit Asaravala (2013 version) (2013 version) (2013 version) (2013 version)

2022/04/06Amit AsaravalaNotes from 2013: I've just recently helped the Statistics Dept relaunch their site, and have worked with more than a dozen other university groups on Drupal 6 and 7 sites.  Here's just a handful:

I have experience getting the sites set up on Pantheon, integrated with CalNet, and have multiple strategies for importing events from and courses from OSOC.  I'm also insured to do contract work for UC.