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Interested in becoming a Drupal developer? Following are some resources to get started:

Pantheon Resources

This Drupal Development Best Practices webinar is a good introduction to using Pantheon. 

Pantheon Knowledge Base

The Pantheon discussion forum is no longer accepting new questions. Previous questions have been archived and are available to view. Instead, go to Drupal Answers and view the questions tagged "pantheon." You can browse, ask, and answer questions about Pantheon as well as general Drupal topics.

General Drupal Discussion and Support

Vendors Providing Training

Subscription-based screencast services

We think that these are a really good value:

  • Don't have to travel to scheduled training
  • Focus on the topics you want
  • Refer back to videos when you need to review

Build A Module

  • Accessible scrolling transcripts
  • Search full text of transcripts and find video and timestamp where keyword appears
  • Very good organization of learning tracts

Drupalize.Me Drupal Training

Free Resources

The website has a number of "User and Builder Guides" written and maintained by the Drupal community. They may be a good starting point.

You can also visit the DrupalCon (Drupal Conference) websites. For example, visit the Denver DrupalCon Program Schedule that was held in March 2012.

Many of these sessions were recorded and are available for free on the conference website.

Acquia also provides free webinars on Drupal topics.

NodeOne, a Drupal agency in Sweden, produced a library of screencasts starting from the basics and continuing on to advanced concepts and modules.

Drupal Learning Curve

Climbing the Drupal learning curve typically requires experimentation and time. For anyone looking to improve Drupal development skills, consider the following:

  1. Check out the resources listed on this page
  2. Bring up a Drupal sandbox (e.g., in a local environment) where you can experiment and play 
  3. Participate in BDUG (Berkeley Drupal Users Group)

Drupal Theming

Having a solid foundation in HTML/CSS (and styling a static website) will help before diving into Drupal theming.

Some folks find the Head First book on HTML/CSS to be a good introduction if you are new to the topic.

If you're on the campus network/VPN, the book is available for free at Safari Books Online.

After learning to style a static website, the next step would be to learn the basics of the Drupal theme system. Again, the Theming Guide available on the website may be a good starting point.



Typically, BADCamp is offered once per year. The most recent BADCamp was offered in October 2013. 

Many BADCamp sessions are recorded, so you may be able to watch the recorded sessions online and/or view slides and audio from the sessions.