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2011.01.11 Advisory Group Meeting

Table of Contents



  • Introduce the Tools and Services Registry (TSR) initiative
  • Introduce project team and advisory group memebers
  • Clarify expectations of the Advisory Group
  • Assign tasks for the upcoming week

Issues / Concerns

  • That the TSR delivery of a digital tool and service registry meet other dependent project timelines
  • That the TSR does not become another data silo
  • That the TSR does not duplicate or "double" data content and/or entry
  • That the TSR does not overburden service providers and their staff
  • That service providers do not lose data quality in regards to their service descriptions and documentation
  • That the TSR define an appropriate method(s) of integrating/syncing current sources of record; this will require identifying these sources


  • Mock up the Windows VM service as a B2B model of how to represent a service on the TSR
  • To invite another service provider to join our team. The group proposed a B2C service
    • UC Backup
    • Telephony
  • The advisory group will identify the data model(s) to represent these service in the TSR
  • The fully-editable, community-source approach to TSR content is open for discussion. The sponsor prefers this model, but is open to counter argument by the advisory group.
  • The advisory group will identify "records of source" and how to integrate/sync these data sources with the TSR

Mock Up Access


To prepare for our next meeting, please complete the following by noon on Friday

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