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Unit needed to select online learning software that could be used with the UC-wide learning management system.

Several software programs would work, so choice was based on recommendations from other departments on campus--especially from one that previously worked with the same "instructional content" expert (non-technical) consultant whom the Unit hired for this current project.

Selected software product turned out to be very difficult to use in a large variety of ways.  Campus and UC-wide technical support for this LMS, e.g. for transferring material in, and adjusting features to work such as built-in email notifications and progress reporting, was very limited. Roll-out included several major glitches, such as unreliable indication of 100% of completion by individual users.  Only with much effort was Unit able to successfully get their locally-developed content to work adequately in the UC-environment.

On the plus side: claims that the selected software product was rated well on "accessibility" for users with disabilities turned out to be true, although one type of test format had to be discarded (column matching).  However, that format doesn't work well for accessibility in any environment.

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