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Meeting Purpose

  • To determine on which platform to build the Bamboo TSR
  • To determine which functionality to implement

If we cannot reach conclusion for these items,  we will:

  • Identify the questions that remain to be answered before we can reach a conclusion
  • Identify the steps needed to answer the questions
  • Identify who will take those steps
  • Identify when the answers will be available for discussion and decision


  1. Context and Background (Marlita) (3 minutes)
    1. cf Meeting Purpose
    2. cf last week's meeting and next steps
  2. Present Fit Gap Analysis and Options (Rich) (20 minutes)
    1. All-Platform Overview Comparison
    2. Functional Comparison: Out-of-box
    3. Functional Comparison: Out-of-box + single day effort 
    4. Cost options
      1. Caveats
  3. Questions and Answers (Marlita facilitates; Rich responds - and others) (30 minutes)
  4. Agreements and Next Steps (Marlita facilitates) (30 minutes)
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