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Accomplishment: Made significant progress towards a foundation home for CollectionSpace, and a sustainable model for ongoing development and support.


Working with project partners, funders, campus and external IT and museum experts, we are building a foundation model that will provide legal, administrative, intellectual property licensing, communications, and related support to ensure the longer term sustainability and governance of CollectionSpace as a project and organization.


The CollectionSpace project will provide a common, scalable solution for managing museum and research collections across the campus, and eventually across the system. This replaces a number of aging systems based upon obsolete technologies, and that require considerable overhead to support and maintain. It adds significant new functionality, provides accessible web-based interfaces, and leverages current enterprise technologies for security and stability.

We are doing this foundation work now to ensure that we have a sustainable model for the project long term, independent of grant funding, and not totally reliant on campus or system funding. 

Impacted areas:

This directly impacts the museums and research collections supported by IST, including:

  • Essig Museum of Entomology
  • History of Art Visual Resource Collection
  • Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology
  • UC and Jepson Herbaria
  • UC Botannical Garden
  • UC Museum of Paleontology
  • etc.

Because of the broad impact of these research collections, the indirect impact spans much of the research and teaching mission of the University.

Strategic Alignment:


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