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Formed in February 2010, this group is made up of members of the BNHM-IST Advisory Committee and Technical Committee to work on a set of activities following the decision to adopt CollectionSpace as the strategic platform for collections management systems for the BNHM Consortium. 


  • Michael Black (chair)
  • Andrew Doran
  • Holly Forbes
  • Gordon Nishida
  • Carla Cicero
  • Pat Holroyd
  • Dick Moe
  • John Deck
  • Joyce Gross
  • Glen Jackson
  • Susan Stone
  • Lam Voong
  • Chris Hoffman

Meetings and updates

Purpose of the group

  • See how CSpace 1.0 will handle your data
  • Get a realistic idea of the work involved in migrating to CSpace
  • Get help mapping your existing schema to the CSpace schema
  • Get help preparing your data for migration to CSpace
  • Monitor deployment projects
  • Monitor CSpace development and future directions
  • Contribute to the discussion of what to incorporate in future versions of CSpace
  • Give feedback to CollectionSpace developers on domain- and museum-specific questions that arise
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