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The evaluation will be conducted in three very short overlapping phases:

  • IST effort to develop initial scoring of CollectionSpace, Arctos and Specify (Hoffman, Deck, Voong)
  • Review with BNHM partners (members of the Advisory/Technology group who has participated in this effort)
  • Discussions and followup with CollectionSpace, Arctos and Specify teams regarding questions from the first two phases.

Criteria weighting

In order to determine the relative importance of different criteria (in the Functional, Business, and Technology/Architecture areas), the following steps are being taken:

  • High level weights for three major areas set by Steering Committee (to be discussed at 9/28 meeting).
  • Specific weights for points within each of the three major areas being set:
    • Business and Technology/Architecture points weighted by IST (McGrath) with discussion and confirmation of Steering Committee
    • Functional points: First pass by IST (Hoffman, Deck, Voong) with review by Michael Black (PAHMA); subsequent discussion with Steering Committee (at 9/28 meeting); subsequent review with Advisory/Technology committee and BNHM Directors.

Informatics initial scoring

  • Goal: Develop scorecard and perform initial assessment.
  • See the Initial Scoring Notes for information about sources of information, assumptions and questions.
  • Initial assessment (Hoffman) presented to Steering Committee on 9/28.
  • Informatics Services team reviews critieria weights, scorecard, and initial assessment (Hoffman, Deck, and Voong 10/1-10/16).

BNHM review and edits

  • Goal: Gather input for next level of scoring.  Document unique vs. general requirements.  Capture different perspectives.  To be completed end-October.
  • Work with Michael Black on update to Advisory/Technology group
  • Schedule individual museum discussions with collection managers, curators (Hoffman).
  • Schedule individual discussions with BNHM Directors (McGrath)
  • Schedule and invite Advisory/Technology group meeting.
  • Develop questions for CollectionSpace, Arctos and Specify teams.

Project team reviews

  • Follow up with CollectionSpace, Arctos and Specify project teams.  To be completed end-October.
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