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October 4, 2011

Chris Hoffman

Deployment projects

UCJEPS: Production version of CollectionSpace in full use for Digitizing Seaweeds project.  Next set of customizations has been designed, and work is starting this week.  Data mapping of specimen data underway for full migration to CollectionSpace, targeted for December 2011, following full integration with CollectionSpace 2.0.

PAHMA: Prototype customization underway with major changes to cataloging page and creation of domain schema for Anthropology collections and local schema for PAHMA.  Data analysis and mapping is very far along.  Targeting December 2011 launch, following full integration with CollectionSpace 2.0.

Botanical Garden: Prototype demonstrated on September 29 to Paul Licht, Chris Carmichael, Holly Forbes and Barbara Keller.  Andrew Doran attended to demo the UCJEPS system.  Prototype included significant schema and UI customizations for UCBG based on the UCJEPS system.  Data for persons, organizations, garden locations, and taxonomy were loaded.  Next steps are to move this prototype from developer machine to a server for testing and identification of next round of customizations.  Targeting January 2012 launch.

Essig: Setting up a meeting to start up the functional mapping process, which will be based largely on earlier information gathering.

UCMP: Setting up a meeting to start up the functional mapping process, which will be based largely on earlier information gathering.

MVZ: Drafted first version of fit-gap analysis with Lam Voong and setting up a time to complete document with Carla Cicero, Michelle Koo, and Craig Moritz.  Next steps will be to start work on those gaps and work with Craig on Arctos collaboration opportunities.  In our IT Bank proposal, we said that towards the end of 2011-12, MVZ will make a decision about migration.

Visual resource collections: Prototype with moderate customizations being tested by staff in History of Art and College of Environmental Design.  Next steps are to upgrade prototype to next version of CollectionSpace, develop next round of customizations, and work on data migration.  Launch planned for January 2012.

The following planning documents have been updated (October 4, 2011):

In addition to customizations and data migration, we are working with the CollectionSpace team and campus collections community to develop new areas of functionality in the next few weeks:

  • Place authority, including geospatial and georeferencing information
  • Geospatial services: discussions with BNHM about integration with BerkeleyMapper and Biogeomancer
  • Citation authority
  • Concept authority
  • Digitization workflows
  • Batch processing
  • Reporting
  • and so on...

A recent summary of important requirements for UCB deployments was presented to the CollectionSpace team in August.

Staffing and recruiting

Because our projects are funded and because CollectionSpace is ready, I am very busy with recruiting right now.  I am negotiating with programmers on campus right now about temporary positions working on deployments.  Two full-time one-year developer positions are posted right now, and a third, for a Museum Deployment Partner, is being reviewed by classification.

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