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Draft. Following the December 8, 2009 meeting of the BNHM-IST Steering Committee and its decision to adopt CollectionSpace as the strategic platform for collections management systems for the BNHM Consortium, a set of next steps are being identified.  These cover a range of activities and requirements and will be developed into specific project plans at a later date.

Transition Plan

Defined as an aggressive yet flexible transition strategy for the next one to five years for each museum, the transition plan must be BNHM-focused but incorporate planning related to other campus collections.

  • Develop more detail for the strawman transition plan presented at the Steering Committee meeting.
  • Develop better estimates for timing and resources needed for migrations (based on the example museum migration presented to the Steering Committee and the CollectionSpace Deployment Guide).
  • Consider timing issues related to pending and future grants (e.g., the Herbaria seaweed proposal).
  • Migrations to the new platform will start with those that are a) in the most need right now for a new system and b) are most ready and willing to participate in a migration. In addition, c) deployments that help build broadly needed capabilities will given preference (in case of a tie).
  • Identify and build skills needed in team.
  • Assign team members to projects.
  • Develop a Plan B.

The transition plan must also include a plan for concerns and mitigating risks, including a fallback strategy, and "triggers" for evaluating progress.

  • Review CollectionSpace in September 2010.  CollectionSpace must continue to demonstrate progress towards its completion and must meet its deadline for a working version 1 at the end of the grant period.
  • CollectionSpace must have the functionality that it is given credit for in the evaluation.
  • We must see an instance of CollectionSpace populated with a significant quantity of natural science data (e.g., more than 100,000 records).
  • We must see different kinds of natural science data migrated into CollectionSpace, demonstrating that CollectionSpace can be customized as needed on a per-collection basis to meet the needs of different kinds of collections.
  • Funding and sustainability issues for ongoing support as well as deployments will need to be addressed.
  • Assurances must be in place that existing systems will be supported at their current level of support until existing functionality is in place in CollectionSpace.
  • CollectionSpace must provide relatively solid estimates of the time and resources required for deployments.
  • CollectionSpace must provide solutions for campus collections beyond the BNHM Consortium.
  • CollectionSpace must provide a framework for research, education, and public service in addition to management of the collection.
  • CollectionSpace must provide the abilities for integrating other functions of the museum (e.g., archives and libraries).
  • Review progress on museum trnsition plans yearly, adjusting plans as needed.

Communication planning around the decision and next steps

  • Schedule a Steering Committee meeting in January and plan for conversations with Directors.
  • IST (via Michael Mundrane) would like IST Communications to write an iNews article.
  • Schedule conversations in the spring with the broader BNHM-IST community.
  • Schedule conversations with VCR and CIO.

Current BNHM-IST efforts

Funding and Ongoing Sustainability Plan

There is a pressing need for a multi-year funding and sustainability strategy, including much better coordination of fund raising proposals.

  • We must pursue a multi-year funding approach with campus leadership.
  • We need to ensure that ongoing support is available for deployments.
  • We need to ensure that funding is pursued in order to continue building the CollectionSpace platform.
  • We need to engage more proactively with principal investigators on grant applications.
  • Planning must include alternatives given different levels of funding.

Collaboration Plan

A plan to connect and collaborate between platforms and initiatives, especially Arctos and Specify, by sharing data, building interoperability, and blending solutions, and possibly blending or combining teams.

  • David G and Craig to meet and discuss CollectionSpace/Arctos collaboration.
  • Criag to present ideas to the Arctos Steering Committee (in January?).  Chris helps with slides.
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