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11/13/2012: Once user separates off a peripheral viz, it would be nice to be able to add in the additional  nodes that link to just one of those nodes.  e.g., if have Anu-ittanu, Nana-iddin, Mannu-ki-Dilbat, Tabat-Nana, would like to see those people who connect only to M-k-D



regarding Quinn's Text-editing-DONE image: Patrick: I like the Editing update with colors, except that the one witness Davyd is colored as a buyer, which is awkward

Quinn: That was supposed to be "oh look, that's text that's highlighted and it'll be turned brown when the mouse clicks!" You're probably right that we should fast-forward the scene a split second and have him in brown, AFTER the pointer clicks on that item.

Laurie:It looks to me that Davyd is same color as witness tag.  Question that I don't think is critical for the screenshots, but worth thinking about for the implementation: in HBTIN, the TEI marks name  span Davyd, son of Luka, as witness, taking Luka as part of the disambiguation. Of course this drop-down is "role", and under "family traits" there would be mark-up for the filiation. ---I'll just put this in a file for discussions about implementation and UI.



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