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           Box Pilot  |  Implementation Project


Box is a cloud-hosted platform that allows users to store, share and collaborate with documents and other files. With an extremely easy to learn interface, Box allows users to:

  • manage and preview files many formats, with a personal quota of 25GB free storage
  • access content through all major browsers with desktop or laptop browsers, and through mobile devices running iOS and Android.
  • control the level of file / folder access to provide to others with a range of permissions from preview-only to full editing and collaboration rights
  • create simple workflows and comment on files
  • take advantage of an ecosystem of related applications and flle synchronization tools
  • Managed, enterprise Box accounts are currently being evaluated and piloted at UC Berkeley.

The Berkeley Box project team has released this service to campus with auto provisioning (self service sign up) on Thursday July 5, 2012.

Demos, Features and Info


UC Berkeley is monitoring the security and functionality of the Box platform since the July 5, 2012 campus wide release. For more information about the pilot, visit the Box Pilot page

Alignment with Operational Excellence (OE)

Higher Education Collaboration

UC Berkeley is part of a new initiative that will soon make cloud-based file storage and management available to students, faculty, and staff. The service will be provided as part of a two-year agreement between Internet2 — a consortium of leading U.S. research and educational organizations — and — a commercial online file sharing and storage service. A small group of users from multiple research campuses are currently piloting With this agreement, Berkeley joins universities such as Cornell, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Stanford.

For more information, see the details from the Internet2 meeting:

Productivity Suite

The initiative is part of the OE Productivity Suite effort and supports several important Productivity Suite goals.

  • It is a key component of the goal to provide universally acquired and deployed solutions to all members of the campus community.
  • It establishes a cloud-based campuswide solution that will support integration with current environments, including document storage, imaging, and collaboration applications.
  • It will provide safe, secure, and inexpensive storage that allows every member of the community to share files and collaborate on documents with anyone in the world with no additional software needed.
  • It will eventually help replace current solutions that are reaching the end of their life cycles, such as the AFS deployment.

Implementation Project at Berkeley

The Box Implementation Project at UC Berkeley will provide a secure and easy-to-use collaboration and file sharing platform between individual users of the campus community using an off-site, cloud-hosted vendor.

Managed accounts will be offered to all active faculty and staff for university-related use, and to students for general use. These accounts will have a defined lifecycle; will include ubiquitous access to content via the Internet with iOS and Android smart devices; will meet reasonable security standards for authentication, centralized storage and data transmission; and will include technical support structures and documentation.

To contact the Box project team, emails can be sent to boxinfo.


Although the initial general release will be targeted to incoming students, UCB has purchased licenses for all active faculty, staff and students.









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