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CollectionSpace Functionality Overview: Core software and IMLS-funded customizations
As of October 4, 2011
Version 1.0
Released November 2010
Support for core Spectrum procedures User management
Object Entry System-generated identification numbers
Acquisition REST APIs for 23 services
Cataloging User-centered design and information architecture
Loans In and Loans Out Customization
Location and Movement Control Add, hide, and rename fields and information groups
Retrospective Documentation Add custom drop-down lists
Keyword search For individual collections or entire domains
Vocabulary management
Person and Organization authorities with predictive text
Drop-down lists
Built by Version 1.11 Capabilities built via IMLS-based deployments
Released September 2011
Expanded core collections management functionality Scientific taxonomy authority
Extended cataloguing Scientific taxonomic identification
Media handling Saved sets and groups
Delete and inactivate NAGPRA claims procedure
Reporting Hosting and managing CollectionSpace
Data import Migrating data from existing systems to CollectionSpace
Data export Building custom reports
Batch processing
Structured dates
Vocabulary management
Storage location
Support for hierarchical authorities
Management of controlled lists and authorities
Simplify configuration for upgrading
Improving system performance
Advanced search
Data entry templates
To be built by Version 2.0 Capabilities to be built via IMLS-based deployments
Due in October 2011 Now through March 2012 with IMLS partners
Roles and permissions Place authority for complex collection sites
Improving system performance Citation authority
Customization Crates and mobile containers
Add custom authorities (flat and hierarchical) History of changes/audit trail
Add custom reports and data extracts Image-based cataloging workflows
Add custom labels Georeferencing and mapping
Processes to include code created by implementers Public web-site access to collections information
Completing the CollectionSpace sustainability plan Bulk import of media files
Hierarchical relationships between objects
Non-hierarchical relationsips between authority terms
Exhibition authority
Specimen treatments
Data export and interoperability enhancements
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