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Analysis will be performed at a very high level, largely derived from interviews with our team members and a small amount of followup. Sample questions, to be further developed by the team.

Market analysis (more directed to SAC and customer reps)

Susan Tobes - Lead

  • How is the product/service currently being sold?
  • Market perception of current offerings
  • How many groups are leveraging the same core products outside IST (other implementations across campus).
  • Functional needs/priorities, gaps and overlaps.  where's the pain.
  • Pricing abilities of what sectors
  • Should we be providing this in house, outsourced? why?  Responsiveness in terms of $$$ and time.  
  • Who are the main campus and non-campus competitors for the IST solution? (implying service overlaps)
  • Question to Susan: Could we get an interim SAC established around this issue to provide targeted input.  How would we do this, how to position the project, and services.

who should be talking to.  better group or individually

Delivery of current services / programs (More directed to Service Providers)

Patrick McGrath (Lead)

  • Customers - who are we dealing with?   # end users, # developers/departments, customer demographics.
  • How is the service being used, to satisfy what objectives?
  • Key functional attributes - comparison over very high level standardized functional/technical/business framework (to be developed)
  • In what phase is the current service being delivered (e.g. production, beta, etc.).  for how long
  • Major platform / service strengths and weaknesses.  how would you compare the offering to other offerings
  • How does the campus influence what and how the solution is delivered
  • Financial performance
    • How is the service performing financially, if applicable
    • What is the support cost model, how many staff, who, what level of expertise needed to support, external maintenance/support needed etc.
    • What is the pricing model for each new user/site. What level of customization / configuration / consulting is necessary to roll out to a new department or user?
    • Who supports the product in IST
  • At a high level, vendor positioning, vendor positioning within UC
  • How is the solution scaled.  how easy to open up to campus?  what reliance on consulting?  abilities to outsource?
  • Is there an established service champion for the service?
  • what is the current longer term strategic vision of the service offering
  • How does this product/service interact/interoperate/integrate with other campus/uc/external offerings.

Functional framework

  • file sharing, web mountable storage
  • document management
  • digital asset, image management
  • web content management (portal, wiki, blog, etc.)
  • etc.
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