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Open Source Enterprise content management product selected by the Media Vault Program team.

  • Primary target was to support collaboration and document-centric functions (images, recordings, word documents, etc.) to campus scholars. These customers have an orientation towards open-source, cross platform offerings since the faculty and students have very heterogeneous computing environments.
  • The project recognized that a more general content management toolset would allow integration with other services such as library archiving and digital preservation services already offered by the campus and system.
  • the project also recognized that a more general content management toolset would address a number of wider functions within the departments, both academic and administrative.

Not in production, targeting release. Will require continued IT Bank funding to release as a service. Interesting partnership opportunities with groups like RA&C (SPO), focused around document management and repository functions.
Overlaps exist with Calshare, which is already in production with low cost DM functions.

Strengths - a full suite of content management functions with major strengths around Document Management.  Collaboration, wiki, blog, etc.

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