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Getting content ready for HBTIN and BPS tools involves:

  1. ATF preparation
  2. Lemmatization
  3. Glossary development

For BPS to harvest material, define markers for:

  1. PNs and family relationships
    1. review and update list provided to PLS
  2. dates
    1. provide markers
    2. provide list of date ranges
  3. roles: provide text template for:
    1. slave sale
    2. real property sale
    3. real property lease
    4. prebend sale
    5. prebend lease
    6. quitclaim
  4. geographic names
    1. list of markers
  5. activities
    1. list of markers

Patrick needs:

  1. cleaned-up name glo:
    1. check glo
    2. go into texts and make corrections for diacritics, phonetic complements
    3. rebuild/ship to PLS
  2. larger PN glo
    1. continue to build as lemmatize texts OR
    2. search for all PNs and build glo
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