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Delphi Project Overview

The Delphi project provides a framework of semantic tools and community annotation for museum collections. The open-source toolkit includes linguistic analysis tools and services to produce an easy-to-use faceted browsing UI that makes it simple and fun to explore and understand museum collections. The project code, ontologies and associated documentation are hosted on Google Code, under a BSD open source license.

Delphi Deployments

Delphi is currently deployed for the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology. The associated ontologies have all been contributed to the project repository, and are under continuous development by museum staff. Project generic issues are maintained on the project (Google Code) site, and we are transitioning from a simple mechanism for managing deployment specific issues, to a JIRA project for this.

We have been exploring a number of other deployments with various partners, both internal to UCB as well as peer museums in this area. At this point in time, resource limitations constrain how quickly we can pursue these opportunites.

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