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IST Content Management Wiki

IST serves a number of content management platform services to the Berkeley campus.  This wiki site is intended to act as a place where IST will post information will help to manage and consolidate its service offerings.

An Org-chart is shown at the bottom of this page.

IST Initial Content Management Project - Feb-April 2010

Between February-April 2010, a team was pulled together to discuss "How should IST best coordinate and consolidate the content management services it delivers to the campus?"

A number of recommendations were discussed and agreed to by IST leadership. In summary:

  1. Data Services will immediately manage and the vision, roadmaps and sourcing for all content management services across the division.   This includes the decision making function with input from others inside and outside IST.
  2. Over a period of time, Data Services will become responsible for the delivery of all IST content management platforms (implementation, upgrades, operations).  This will be performed on a timeframe that is appropriate for the services, staffing and financials.  For instance, the Drupal services in development will continue to be developed within AS/COIS (with added DS involvement/oversight) and transitioned to DS on a reasonable timeframe.   In some instances, we will seek external partners where this is appropriate, and DS would manage those relationships.
  3. The development of requisite associated services including training, consulting and development needs to be defined further and will likely to be split between DS and AS depending on the types of needs / projects.

Refer to the slide deck presented to IST directors on April 20.

More detailed information can be found within the project wiki site - IST Content Management Analysis Project.

IST Existing Content Services

Nascent Services

Drupal (Drupal )

Drupal services are under development within IST.  

2 versions of the service will be released.  In both cases, these initial release candidates are not suitable for use with high data sensitivity (including restricted data) or to support critical processes where high availability can be guaranteed.

Service 1) Single Server - 1 Drupal site per server.

  • Likely to be more expensive, and aimed at 5-10% of campus customers.
  • This offering would be targeted to customers who have a greater need for uniqueness and autonomy with their site, probably with departmental technical resources available to implement advanced drupal functions and non-standard plug-ins.

Service 2) Multi-Site - Up to 20 Drupal sites in a shared server environment.  

  • Likely to be much less expensive,  aimed at 90% of campus customers.
  • This offering would be targeted to customers who have a much reduced for uniqueness and autonomy with their sites.  Standard plug-ins would be supported and expanded on over time.

Future service releases (all of which need to be determined) would address

  • sites to manage restricted/sensitive data - high security requirements.  
  • sites that require high availability
  • multi-tenant / multi-use sites

Revised Milestones


  • Initial release of Brian’s configuration to early adopter partners (hopefully, including Student Affairs, with a dedicated server environment. Takes the form of a beta program.

End of July

  • Final configuration of dedicated server environment
  • Confirmation of financial model and service procedures for dedicated server environment.
  • Definition of multiple tenant (shared server) requirements and solution design/s


  • General availability of dedicated server environment
  • Migration of early adopter sites to new dedicated server configurations

End of August

  • Development complete for multiple tenant (shared server) environment/s
  • Start of multiple tenant (shared server) beta program


  • Final configuration of multiple tenant (shared server) environment
  • Confirmation of financial model and service procedures for multiple tenant (shared server) environment/s.

End of September

  • General availability of multiple tenant (shared server) environment
  • Migration of early adopter sites to new multiple tenant (shared server) environments

More information can be found on the wiki site established by COIS/AS.

Key Differentiators of IST Service

  • Built-in Calnet Authentiation
  •             □ CAS and LDAP Authentication
                □ UC Berkeley Theme, more themes to be made available
                □ Misc...7-8 hours of monthly site support - patches, upgrades, etc.
  • Websites served from campus data center, managed by IST admins.
  • Rapid site provisioning
  • Nightly UC Backup and recovery
  • One client per VM and multiple clients per VM (September ETA)
  • Dev, Tes, QA and Prod Environments for safe releaase management and testing
  • Release and migration tools?
  • Provisioning, configuration, monitoring and management tools (Aegir, Puppet, etc.)
  • IST Consulting services


Beta Program




Acceptance criteria:

MOU Link:

MediaHub (Alfresco )

The Media Hub is a service based on Alfresco Share, an application that sits on the Alfresco repository platform.

Click here for a description of the Media Hub service.

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