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Why isn’t my scanner working?

If your scanner had been properly working, as an initial step, check the power first:

  1. Power off your scanner and then your computer.
  2. Next, power up your scanner and then your computer.
  3. If the power cycles do not restore your ability to scan, call your local technical support for hardware check.

Why are my scanned images of poor quality?

There are several possible reasons.

  1. First check the resolution settings on your scanner. The recommended resolution for scanning is 150 dpi and Fine for faxing.
  2. The poor quality of the scan could also be due to the quality of the document you are scanning.
  3. Finally, check to see if your scanner needs to be serviced. Contact your local IT support for an initial review. 

What happened to my capture profile?

There are several possible reasons. If you have moved to a computer that does not have your saved capture profiles, you will need to install your saved profiles on the new computer. Your local IT Administrator can copy your saved capture profiles for you. You can find instructions for how to copy capture profiles at Imagine System Administration

Why are my patch codes (separator sheets) not working?

You should power down your computer and scanner, then power up your scanner first, then your computer. Try to scan with the patch codes again. If you still have trouble, contact Please submit as much info about this as possible:

  • Have the patch codes worked before?
  • Is this the first time the patch codes are used?
  • When did this start happening?
  • What type of paper is being used to print the patch codes? The Imagine team recommends professional printouts
  • Have the capture profiles been properly copied before using patch codes?


Is it possible to rotate image documents right side up if they were faxed to the system upside down?

Yes, to do this:

  1. Open the desired item and in the Thumbnails section highlight the page that needs to be rotated
  2. Go to View/Rotate and rotate as needed
  3. To save, go to View/Rotate/Save Image Rotation to Server

How to set Blank Page deletion with Kofax VRS?

Note: this set of instructions assume the driver and the scanner have been properly installed on the scanner machine

  1. Open the Kofax VRS Test Console
  2. Click on Select Scanner, select the actual scanner and click ok
  3. Click on the Image Quality/Settings button
  4. Once on the Image Quality/Settings page
    1. Click on the Delete/Blank Page button
  5. Once on the Blank Page - Settings dialog box: 
    1. Move the bar all the way to the left (this way blank pages will be deleted) till it reaches the Noisy area
  6. Save the settings on a new profile
  7. Close or minimize the Kofax VRS Test Console 
  8. Make sure this new profile is applied on the  machine by opening the tray, right click on the VRS icon, go to Profiles