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Setting up Bmail/Imagine for implementations using emails having large attachments


For systems that take very large attachments (for example, files uploaded by students) and break them up into single page attachments with their own email to the Imagine system, a 10 page attachment will generate 10 emails each with a single page attachment. Imagine looks at the index values provided in the body of the email, merges the attachments into a single Imagine record, and deletes the email page so the result is a single 10 page document in our system


There is a default setting in bMail (gmail) called conversation mode that groups all emails into a single email if they have the same sender, subject, etc. Email will hang in Imagine if the attachments are over 10 MB or thereabouts.


Turning off conversation mode in gmail appears to fix this problem, returning processing back to the way it was done in CalMail.