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How can I split a document while logged into the Client (Perceptive Content)?

Sometimes, documents that are unrelated to each other or different from each other in nature, e.g. resumes and W9’s, transcriptions from different students, etc., are sent to the system together as part of the same item; it then becomes necessary to split them to properly link them separately. To separate them, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the item that contains several unrelated documents.
  2. Select the pages or documents to split in the thumbnails section.
  3. Right-click the page or document and choose New Document.
  4. The Copy Document dialog box opens up.
  5. If applicable, choose the appropriate Application Plan – if no application plan is available or used in the current process, proceed to manually enter the required index values (including Drawer and Type, formerly "Doc Type").
  6. Choose the appropriate workflow queue (verify that the Send to workflow queue checkbox is checked).
  7. Check the Page Range radio button to make sure the appropriate pages or documents have been selected.
  8. Make sure to check the Remove selected pages from current document checkbox.
  9. Click OK

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not enter any values on the NAME field. Doing so will trigger a Content Modeling process, which won’t be used at this time.

How can I split a document in WebNow?

When several documents (e.g. invoices) are faxed at the same time, or when two or more documents have been incorrectly appended and thus are in the same item but they should not be, it is necessary to split them and link them separately. To accomplish this, two sets of instructions have to be followed: Splitting documents and moving newly split documents to workflow.

Splitting Documents

  1. Open the item that contains several documents.
  2. Make sure the thumbnails section is displayed (View/Thumbnails).
  3. Select the desired documents in the thumbnails section.
  4. Right click on the document and choose New Document.
  5. The screen below will appear:
    1. Check the Move to New Document radio button.
    2. Make sure the drawer is set to the desired drawer.
    3. Enter manually the appropriate index values WITHOUT entering any values in the Name field as indicated below.
    4. Choose appropriate type (formerly "doc type").
  6. Click OK
  7. Note that the document will “disappear” from your screen and thus from the Thumbnails section. It won’t be deleted from the system, it will just move to another location.

Moving newly split documents to Workflow

Newly split documents move to another location in the system and they have to be moved back to the corresponding queue. To do this:

  1. Go to the All Documents section on the left hand side of the screen
  2. On the Quick Search tab search for any of the values you entered on step 5.c above (Splitting Documents section).
  3. Once the desired document comes up, right click on it and choose the Add to Workflow option:

    1. In the Add to Workflow dialog box, make sure to select the appropriate info is selected (Process and queue)
    2.  Click Add 
  4. Note that the document will not disappear from your screen. If you move your cursors to the left you will now notice that the Workflow Queue column informs that this document is now part of a queue.