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Minimum Technical Specifications

Imagine ModuleUser AccessOperating System
Perceptive ContentDesktop ClientWindows
WebNowBrowserWindows, Mac
Perceptive ExperienceIntegrated system such as BFS, Bear Buy, SISWindows, Mac

Operating System


Connectivity (WebNow)

Supported Browser Versions

Perceptive Content   Client and WebNow

Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

Note Windows 10 is only supported on Perceptive Content 7.1.3 and above. As of December 19, 2016 Imagine deploys Perceptive Content 7.1.5

Java. Supported version: Oracle JRE version 1.8.0_144

However, there might be some rare cases where a newer version of JRE 1.8.x is found to be incompatible and must be replaced.

This means the tested java version for Imagenow version 7.1.x is Oracle JRE version 1.8.0_144

2018-11-27 Update:

  • We are asking all WebNow users to stay with Java version 1.8 and not to upgrade to a more recent version. This is because Oracle Java SE 8 is the most current supported version of Oracle Java SE that supports Java applets, and as of Oracle Java SE 11 and all future versions of Oracle Java SE, support for the Java Web Plugin (applets) has been removed. Please note that with our next upgrade (planned for mid-2019), WebNow will be retired and replaced by Perceptive Experience.  For any questions please submit a ticket to the Imagine team mailto:imaginehelp@lists.berkeley.eduThank you for your understanding.

WebNow requires a high-speed Internet connection capable of 1.5 Mbps download and 384 Kbps upload. 1.5 Mbps upload is recommended when using WebNow to import documents.

Browsers. WebNow supports the following web browsers:

• Internet Explorer 11.x for Windows

• Apple Safari web browser 7.1 or 8 on Mac OS X

Pop-ups must be allowed from

Note: As of September 1, 2015 Google Chrome will no longer support Java and therefore cannot be used with WebNow.

Note: Kofax recommends that users upgrade to the latest patch of the supported browsers. Note that some browsers release automatic updates and some browsers no longer support version numbers.

Browser versions that are updated after users install WebNow are also assumed to work unless otherwise noted.

Note: as of August, 2017 Firefox ESR is no longer supported and therefore cannot be used with webnow.

Perceptive ExperienceSame as for Perceptive Content Client 7.1.5.x (see above).N/ASupported products with 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox (Microsoft Windows OS)
  • Google Chrome (Microsoft Windows OS)
  • Apple Safari (Mac OS v10.10)

Supported browser versions are listed, however, Kofax recommends that users upgrade to the latest patch of the supported browsers. Note that some browsers release automatic updates and some browsers no longer support version numbers.

Browser versions that update automatically after users install Perceptive Experience are also assumed to work unless otherwise noted. Contact Kofax Support if you find browser incompatibility

Browser Troubleshooting Checklist for WebNow

The following is a troubleshooting checklist for common browser settings for use with WebNow. Some of these may not apply to a particular browser; the list is useful for numerous browsers.

• Clear the cache on your browser
• Allow pop-ups from (make an exception for) or verify that your pop-up blocker is turned off

• Put in your list of trusted sites. To do this:

  1. In IE
    1. Select Internet Options, then the Security tab, and click on Sites.
    2. Add to the list of websites.
    3. Close.

  • For Java, add URLs to the Exception Site list  To do this:
  1. Open the Java Console found in System Preferences for a Mac or the Control Panel for a Windows machine
  2. Choose the Security tab
  3. Choose Edit Site List
  4. Choose the Add button and paste in the Exception Site List
  5. Chrome users should also paste into the Exception Site List
  6. Choose OK

• Use the latest version of Java available at unless you use an application that requires an earlier version. Check with your local workstation support staff.
• Test Java on your workstation at  This may take 15 seconds to test

  • If documents cannot be printed directly through the WebNow document viewer, launch the associated application such as Adobe Acrobat or MS Word to print.

Perceptive Content (ImageNow) Toolbar logs

Sometimes it is necessary to obtain the toolbar log files which include information such as when the user logged in, error messages, etc. Reviewing these log files allow the Imagine team to troubleshoot technical issues with Perceptive Content, formerly known as ImageNow. Please review full KB article KB0012079 on this.