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Perceptive Content can store microfiche files once they are converted to an electronic document format. Here’s an overview of the process. 
  1. Microfiche files need to be scanned at a very high resolution; electronic documents will be the primary outcome of this process
  2. The electronic documents should be indexed, probably using OCR
  3. Perceptive Content will import the documents and the index data
There are a few considerations to take into account
  1. Scanning microfiche is a specialized activity and should be done by an outside vendor. The Imagine team has a couple of vendors who work with campus in this area (). This will be the most cost effective way to approach the work.
  2. The vendor would also do the OCR and indexing - manual indexing is NOT recommended
  3. The vendor would provide the electronic files and the Imagine team would work with you to identify the index values; then, the team would import the documents and build any workflow needed.