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Informatics Services

CineFiles Redesign

Collaborating with the Pacific Film Archive, redesigned CineFiles, the online catalog for the PFA Library's collection of scanned documents related to world cinema, with an emphasis on improving the usability of CineFiles for high school and college educators:  

BNHM-IST Partnership

Worked with faculty and staff in the Berkeley Natural History Museum consortium and with the CIO and Vice Chancellor for Research to develop a new MOU, new procedures, and new priorities for this important partnership between campus research and IST.

Campus Collection Management Systems

Held a campus-wide forum on collection management systems to gather information about campus collections and to lay the foundation for additional work especially related to the development of CollectionSpace as a platform for collections management on campus.
(Not released yet but will be soon, and 99% of the work was in this timeframe)

Botanical Garden Propagation Web Site
Working with the Botanical Garden and IST Application Services, developed an online system that provides plant propagation information being recorded by botanical scientists in the UC Botanical Garden.  

Infrastructure Stabilization and Consolidation

Moved servers and services onto consolidated hardware managed in the campus Data Center resulting in improved stability and security as well as cost savings for several mission-critical systems.

Media Vault Program

Published a comprehensive Interim Report, providing key findings and analysis of barriers and incentives to sharing and preserving digital scholarship.

Convened six campus campus service providers in a half day workshop dedicated to making research safe and easy to share. Participants agreed to work collaboratively and even developed a prioritized a list of projects to work on together.

Working with data from national studies and our local campus community,  we developed use scenarios and described functional needs around preservation and access to research data. These findings  will be used to guide future platform and service development.

Launched a Website and Wiki for the Media Vault Program:


Developed working prototype (beta release) of Ars Synthetica, a web-based multimedia forum for engaging specialists and non-specialists in an informed, ethical, and democratic dialogue on the emerging field of synthetic biology:

Developed and piloted a social networking platform for scholars and practitioners associated with the Blum Center for Developing Economies:

Launched two cultural heritage research archives (Tracing Tambo Colorado, Chang'an 26 BCE) in collaboration with campus scholars (Protzen, Architecture; Nylan, History):

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