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In submitting the CollectionSpace 2.0 grant, we needed to confirm with Sponsored Projects the fact that Mellon does not pay indirect costs.  For future reference, here is the email thread documenting the conversation:

Sent: Friday, March 12, 2010 4:43 PM
Subject: PRIORITY: A.W. Mellon Foundation
Hi Amy,
I'm emailing you from home because I left the office today without returning your voicemail and email inquiries regarding the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation IDC matter.  ...
Anyhow, yes, no IDC on your Mellon proposal if this is what the Mellon Foundation's IDC policy is.  I didn't go into the Mellon Foundation website you provided in your email but I trust from your experience and knowledge (which are both awesome), I trust that there should not be a problem with O% IDC based on Mellon Foundation's IDC policy.  UCOP has various IDC class waivers on file for the Mellon Foundation so I should be able to use one of them for this proposal submission.  ...
Best regards always,

This was in response to Amy's message to Roslyn (dated March 9, 2010):


Regarding indirect costs for the proposal mentioned below, the proposal is
being submitted to the Scholarly Communications section of the Mellon
Foundation and on their website is the following statement...

"please note that grants within the Scholarly Communications program do not
cover overhead or indirect costs, or graduate student tuition."

Will this suffice in lieu of the 0% IDC Policy letter that you mention


Finally, from Roslyn, March 15, 2010:

Hi Amy,
First priority for my Monday morning!
As suspected, there is a class IDC waiver on file at UCOP for the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholarly Communcations and Information Technology.
We're good to go in this regard.

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