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For security reasons, Perceptive Experience users are timed out of the system after 30 minutes of inactivity. Timing out of a system after a defined period of inactivity is common practice both with campus applications (e.g. CalTime) as well as non-campus applications such as banks. 

For users who access Experience through Integrated systems (e.g. CalCentral, BFS, BearBuy) being timed out can be perplexing if they have been focused primarily on their work within the integrated system and do not realize Experience has timed out until they return to the Experience tab and see the message below:

                                                                                                                               You have been timed out of Perceptive Experience due to inactivity

If you want to go back to your document please click here

Or, if you prefer to finish this session please log out of CalNet here



To go back to the previously opened document

  1. Click the “click here” link.
  2. The message “Please confirm that you wish to reload a previous document from an expired session?” will appear. Click OK.
  3. The document will be reloaded and properly displayed.

Note: if the period of inactivity exceeds two hours you will be asked to login through the CalNet authentication Service dialog box.

Logging out of CalNet

  1. Click the “log out of CalNet here” link and the CalNet Authentication Service dialog box will be displayed.

Note: this will log you out of both Perceptive Experience and all other CalNet authenticated applications you are currently logged in to.

Note on Browsers

Although some browsers behave differently regarding session timeouts, cache, cookies, etc., the Imagine team has found that Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, and Firefox ESR all behave as described above regarding Perceptive Content in terms of session time outs.

Download this job aid on pdf format here