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This is the landing page for a project to review IST offerings for content management services.


Sponsors: Michael Mundrane, David Greenbaum

Data Services: Patrick McGrath (lead), Noah Wittman

Client Services:  Susan Tobes (Customer Lead)

Application Services: Tom Tsai (supported by Vahid and Wendy).  Bill Allison overseeing.

Infrastructure Services: Michael Leefers,  Jack Shnell

COIS: Brian Wood

Office of CIO, Operational Excellence: Liz Marsh

Kickoff Agenda

Suggest the following:

  • Patrick - Agenda (5 mins)
  • Intros - Team members and the services they are representing (10 mins)
  • David and Michael - sponsor perspectives (10 mins)
  • Patrick - confirmation of roles, key deliverables and proposed timelines (10 minutes)
    • Discussion of individual vs. group meetings, the best way to collaborate.
  • General discussion (10 mins)

Project Schedule

5-6 weeks.  Suggest the following:



Week 1

Finalize deliverable and interview framework based on confirmation of outcomes from sponsors

Week 2-4

Interviews of service providers

Week 2-3

Interviews of SAC, Customer reps

week 4-5

Draft of report. Review by participants.

Week 5-6

Presentation of recommendations to IST Directors

If there are opportunities to pull this in, we will do what we can.


  • Description, status and comparison of IST offerings
  • Description of campus need, and alignment with IST offerings
  • Analysis and observations
  • Recommendations
    • Products/services
    • Organizational approach for platform, service, support
    • Next steps

Sponsor priorities

... for finalization after the kickoff.   Discussion with Shel also beneficial based on discussions he has initiated with UCSD/Hannon Hill

Key issues

  • What does success on this project look like?
  • What are the key outcomes our senior management want to see?

Key decision drivers.  What are the key decisions we want to make?

  • functional
  • technical
  • business.   e.g. what customer outcomes, what IST outcomes, fit to campus market, cost of delivery
  • alignment to OE
  • Standards, open source?
  • Extensibility as development platform.
  • Transitional issues for products/services we wish to deemphasize 
  • etc.

Data Gathering

Analysis will be performed at a very high level, largely derived from interviews with our team members and a small amount of followup.  Sample questions, to be further developed:

  • Market analysis (more directed to SAC and customer reps)
    • What are the campus' perceptions with the offering?
    • How is the product/service currently being sold?
    • Market perception of current offerings
    • How many groups are leveraging the same core products outside IST (other implementations across campus).
    • Functional needs/priorities, gaps and overlaps.  where's the pain.
    • Pricing abilities of what sectors
    • Should we be providing this in house, outsourced?
    • Who are the main campus and non-campus competitors for the IST solution? (implying service overlaps)
    • Question to Susan: Could we get an interim SAC established around this issue to provide targeted input.  How would we do this, how to position the project, and services.
  • Delivery of current services / programs (More directed to
    • Customers - who are we dealing with?   # end users, # developers/departments, customer demographics.
    • How is the service being used, to satisfy what objectives?
    • Key functional attributes - comparison over very high level standardized functional/technical/business framework (to be developed)
    • In what phase is the current service being delivered (e.g. production, beta, etc.).  for how long
    • Major platform / service strengths and weaknesses.  how would you compare the offering to other offerings
    • How does the campus influence what and how the solution is delivered
    • Financial performance
      • How is the service performing financially, if applicable
      • What is the support cost model, how many staff, who, what level of expertise needed to support, external maintenance/support needed etc.
      • What is the pricing model for each new user/site
      • Who supports the product in IST
      • What level of customization / configuration / consulting is necessary to roll out to a new department or user?
    • At a high level, vendor positioning, vendor positioning within UC
    • How is the solution scaled.  how easy to open up to campus?  what reliance on consulting?  abilities to outsource?
    • Is there an established service champion for the service?
    • what is the current longer term strategic vision of the service offering
    • How does this product/service interact/interoperate/integrate with other campus/uc offerings.

Functional framework

  • file sharing, web mountable storage
  • document management
  • digital asset, image management
  • web content management (portal, wiki, blog, etc.)
  •  etc.

Meeting Notes

To be typed in on the 5th. (smile)


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