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Proposal Review Porfolio Tool - ITLC, OE, UCB

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Date, 2010-11-08
Project Manager, Liz Marsh


Develop a lightweight tool that through a simple submission and workflow process will quickly filter IT proposals as to whether a solution already exists, get a "thumbs up or thumbs down" from an identified group of colleagues, and help filter out or surface proposals of disinterest / interest.


  1. Comply with UC Regents Resolution on Administrative Efficency which mandates greater cross-campus collaboration for the selection and
    implementation of administrative systems.
  2. Leverage knowledge of colleagues and surface solution options
  3. Leverage monies by finding IT systems solutions that can serve multiple campuses/constituencies
  4. Enable/manadate more transparent decision-making
  5. Seed the creation of a UC-wide systems inventory

Potential Audiences

  • ITLC / CIOs
  • Operational Excellence
  • UCB Campus
  • Campus Technology Council (CTC) / IT Bank

Potential Overlaps with TSR

  • TSR could help identify whether a technology exists
  • TSR could post surveys to help prioritize IT proposals
  • TSR ratings and reviews could help decision-making
  • TSR could help decision-making for Erin Gore, AVC Administration, AVC Business and Resource Planning to determine support and training for enterprise systems
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