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Listing of work we are currently undertaking to write up our work, our findings, etc. as formal papers for publication. 

To-Do: We should have a section on past pubs and gather it here, migrating papers from planning to published as appropriate.

Papers in progress, for specific venues

Full Paper
Conference dates, locationPresenting
ACM Document Engineering 2013, DH WorkshopResearch paper, 6-8 pages; demo or project presentation, 4 pagesJune 15, 2013 (done)June 22, 2013 (submitted)

July 15, 2013


Aug. 1, 2013Sept. 10-14, Florence, ItalyPatrick
IEEE Big Data in the Humanties WorkshopWorkshop paper, 9 pagesn/aAugust 6, 2013August 20, 2013Sept. 10, 2013Oct. 6-9, Santa Clara, CALaurie and Patrick?
Amsterdam (Leiden University)(presentation to Oriental Faculty/Institute: C. Waerzeggers)n/aOctober 10, 2013n/an/aOctober 25*, 2013 (TBD), AmsterdamLaurie

ISAW paper +/- 1000 words (5-1,500)

Digital Humanities Quarterly model for citation and bibliography (e.g., ). i.e., inline citation and biblio

to track pub progress: .

"live" version: .

draft 1: July 31 (LEP)

draft 2: Aug 20 (PLS)

draft 3: Sept. 12 (LEP)

September 16, 2013n/an/an/aLaurie
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