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Purpose of this page

The purpose of this page is document the strategy, domains and content of online communications in IST-RCT. The page owner is Patrick McGrath.

Table of Contents

IST Web site

IST Service Catalog

  • Imagine Service needs to be rewritten
  • Research Hub does not exits; it needs to be written and added
    • From
      Introducing the Research Hub:
      Manage and Share Your Scholarly Materials
      The Research Hub provides an easy way for campus scholars to gather, organize and share their digital files, such as office documents, images, audio, video, and PDFs. The Research Hub helps you work with colleagues, co-authors and project team members by providing powerful collaborative tools, including blogs, wikis, document libraries, discussion forums and more.

Tech Commons

  • Imagine Service, not listed
  • Research Hub, not listed

Broadcasting Efforts

  • Imagine User Group
  • Imagine Forums
  • CMS forums