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Recommended Fax Specifications 

  • 150 DPI minimum
  • Fine or Super Fine setting
  • The fax should not be send faster than 33.6 baud (56k)




Fax transmission is affected by many factors such as the line quality and the source machine. Fax transmission may be interrupted or the source machine may send a low quality document that cannot be processed correctly.

Not all documents sent to the Imagine fax server successfully enter the system even though the source fax machine reported that the transmission was successful. This successful transmission report only means that the source fax connected to the Imagine fax server and exchanged some data. This does not mean that Imagine received a usable transmission.  The connection may have been broken after the initial “handshake” or the data quality might have been too low.

A successful fax is typically processed in a matter of minutes. If you think that a document should be in the system but has not been processed after 1 business day, please do the following:

Review the Imagine fax number:

Call your Imagine fax number to see if the fax server is answering. If there is no answer after 10 rings, send an email to and skip the following steps.

Review your own source fax number:

Check if it is processing correctly. Use Fine resolution and send 1 test page. If it is processed, the problem lies with the source fax.

Review the sender’s fax number:

  1. Verify that the sender is using the correct fax number for your implementation.
  2. Ask the sender to transmit another fax using a higher resolution (150 dpi minimum, usually the Fine or Super Fine setting).The default resolution of many fax machines is too low to produce usable images in the Imagine system.
  3. If the problem is not resolved, obtain the source’s name, contact information, and fax number with the approximate time the fax was sent. Send this information with any other pertinent Imagine information to