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Sale of prebends

Prebend sale begins with identification of seller:

[PN seller] DUMU# sza2 [FN seller] (DUMU sza2 [GF seller] DUMU sza2 [GGF seller]) A [LN]

and is immediately followed by description of the prebend:
ina hu-ud lib3-bi#-szu2 [prebend description]

Optional information may appear:sza2 ITI-us-su kal MU.AN.NA gu-uq-qa-ne2-e U4.ESZ3.ESZ3-MESZ u mim-ma [gab-bi] sza2 a#-na GISZ.SZUB.BA MU-MESZ ik-kasz-szi-du sza2 KI [PN buyer] {lu2}ma-hi-ra-ni GISZ.SZUB.BA MU-MESZ DUMU sza2 [FN buyer] u {lu2}EN HA.LA-MESZ-szu2#-nu gab-bi ...

The price is stated in staters of [royal name]:

a-na n MA.NA KU3.BABBAR is-ta-tir-ra-nu sza2 [RN] (bab-ba-nu-u2-tu2) a-na SZAM2 TIL-MESZ

and is followed immediately by name of buyer:

a-na [PN buyer] DUMU sza2 [FN buyer] (DUMU sza2 [GF buyer] A [LN]) a-na u4-mu s,a-a-tu2 

The text then restates the price, and notes that the seller has received the price and has been paid in full by the buyer:

KU3.BABBAR a4 n MA.NA SZAM2 [GISZ.SZUB.BA] MU-MESZ [PN seller] ina SZU-MIN [PN buyer] ma-hir e-t,ir

The next sentence disposes of claims that may arise in the future concerning this transaction:

u4-mu pa-qa-ri ana muh-hi [prebend] it-tab-szu-u2 [PN clearer, usually the seller] ({lu2}na-din-na GISZ-SZUB-BA MU-MESZ (u [PN clearer #2]) u2-mar-raq-ma   

and the 12-fold penalty will be awarded to the buyer, in perpetuity:

a-di 12-TA.AM3 a-na [PN buyer] a-na u4-mu s,a-a-tu2 ina-an-din

Prebend is confirmed as belonging to the buyer in perpetuity:

[prebend description] GISZ.SZUB.BA (type of prebend) MU-MESZ sza2 [PN buyer] (son of [FN buyer] son of [GF buyer] descendant of [LN]) a-na u4-mu s,a-a-tu2 szu2(-nu)

The Witnesses and Date appear in their typical final position at the end of the document.

Translation of Prebend Sale:

[PN seller of prebend], son of [FN of seller] (additional relationships), descendant of [LN], voluntarily has sold [description of prebend] for [sale price including unit of measurement] of (refined) silver, staters of [RN] (of high quality), as the full price, to [PN buyer of prebend], son of [FN of buyer] (additional relationships), descendant of [LN], in perpetuity.

The money, [amount including unit of measurement] of silver, the full price of that [type of prebend], [PN seller of prebend], son of [FN of seller] has received from (and) was paid by [PN buyer of prebend], son of [FN of buyer]. When a claim should arise concerning the [description of prebend], [PN name of clearer (often same as seller. may be a relative, in which case, family relationship may be added to translation)] will clear (it) and will pay 12-fold  to [PN buyer of prebend], son of [FN of buyer], in perpetuity. [PN guarantor (often the seller. there can be more than one, again, sometimes a relative). Text may also include: the seller of that [type of prebend] mutually assume guarantee for the clearing of that [type of prebend], for [PN buyer of prebend], son of [FN of buyer] in perpetuity.

[description of prebend] of that prebend of [PN of buyer], son of [FN of buyer], descendant of [LN] is/are his in perpetuity.

Witnesses:[scribe’s name], scribe, son of [FN of scribe]. [location]. [month], [day], [year in ordinal] year. [RN], king

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