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Thoughts on a Service Release Checklist

  • Service Description
    • What does the service do, what does it not do
    • Who is the user vs. customer (who makes the agreement)
    • Confirmation of conformance to data policies (e.g. IS2, 3, 12)
    •  Data Ownership/Return policies
  • Risk assessment
    • identification, impact, probability
    • mitigation
  • Review / Input from IST tech and service staff (IS/DS/AS/CS)
  • Director Review
  • App / Data Security Review
  • Review / Input with SAC
  • Review / Input from ITAC
  • Service/support Model
    • Incident management (bugs / tickets) AND Service Requests 
    • Ticketing method (footprints)
    • Roles/Staffing
    • Customer vs. Team Responsibilities 
    • expectations for resolution vs. response
  • Financial Model
    • Costing and assumptions
    • Business model (projections for revenue, adoption, etc.)
    • Recharge model as necessary.
  • Capacity
    • What is the expected usage of the platform
    • Will allocated resources (hardware, software, services, staffing) meet the capacity
  • DIsaster Recovery Plan/Test
  • Knowledgebase entries
  • Documentation
    • End-User
    • Admin/ops?
    • Knowledgebase

SLA should be developed as a result of the preceding areas of work

What is renewal periods?
What is mechanisms for IST billing?
Return data?
What does that entail?
restrictions on cpu intensive tasks?
how do we manage releases?
announce changes?

which parts of alfresco are supported? wiki?
alfresco explore? API access?

what about free storage?
mm guarantee of service?
bill monthly?
where does content go when users stop paying? Or are no longer staff/campus member?
Any content allowed?
File formats?
accounts for new CalNetID? allowed? responsibility for actions?

what is exemplary service description?
what of the original functional requirements are we offering?
what is pricing model for single users and large groups?
what is pricing model for small data vs. large data users?
What are terms of service? what is policy?
what kinds of data (sensitive, restricted?
what is our training model?
what is support model?
what is consulting model
backup recover plan?
can we respond to individual requests?
unplanned and scheduled service down time?
what is example of service do? SLA templates?
what security assurance can we provide?
what is sla serivce uptime? 24/7?
What is our stated disaster recovery plan?
how quickly could service resume?
tolerance for last content?
what is billing plan? how? monthly?
storage quotas? sell usage or quota?
is there preservation service?
what is our monitoring strategy?
will we need to go through service recharge and service advisory committee?
what's our rollout strategy? what do we do now? what do we later?
what is our exact backup configuration?
guarantee of data?

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