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  • Participated in community design workshops to inform service definition.
  • Developed high level design for broad suite of CollectionSpace services.
  • Established technology stack and developed initial SOA-based services for CollectionSpace.
  • Drove a campus-wide SOA Governance effort to help realize the promised benefits of SOA across different projects.
  • Working with several campus museums to prepare pilot deployments.
  • Developing framework for broader deployment funding, coordinating with multiple museums and deployment service providers.


  • Added new features including tagging support, set sharing, catalog cards, configurable news, improved feedback mechanisms, etc.
  • Added 20K new object images to the site
  • Added 575K catalog card images, allowing visitors to see original catalog cards for most objects.
  • Worked with PAHMA staff to revise ontologies, and improved text mining mechanisms - roughly quadrupling the number of concepts extracted from their CMS (~10Million, from 650K Objects).

Berkeley Prosopography Services

  • Participated in workshop to describe functionality and build community. Have many partners around the world eager to participate.
  • Presented designs and models in papers and presentations.
  • Worked with faculty members and researchers on needs assessment. Refined user models, system requirements, information flow.
  • Worked with technical partners at U. Penn. to clarify TEI syntax used for interchange, and requirements of Graph Builder.
  • Explored graph visualization tools, prototyped several use-cases.
  • Developed system architecture and core data models. Pilot web-site and associated web-services under construction.
  • Writing two grants (NEH and NSF) for additional funding to continue development.

We also participate in the UCB SOA Governance project, a coordinated effort among campus teams building services-based tools and applications to foster and facilitate re-use and sharing of service models. SOA raises some thorny governance issues as the projects (often developed within multi-institution collaborative communities) deploy across campus. The SOA Governance group provides a forum to consider opportunities for (and challenges to) reuse and sharing of service models and contracts. We are also working to define and formalize a process and a set of principles that can act as a model for SOA governance among distributed and disparate communities. We are also sharing methodological experiences, and working towards the development of a set of SOA best practices for the campus.

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