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Table of Contents

Taxonomy Follow Up


  • Student Moderation
    • Proposed: Students can not post without approval; approval can come from any staff
    • Can we distinguish in CAS/LDAP?
    • Issues: what if the student is a staff (GSI, GSR, post-doc); does student role override staff role?
    • Developers: what are the options
  • Support Team Notification Email
    • Hide notification email unless in edit mode
    • Proposal 1: Request notification change using modal popup (see support team popup)
    • Proposal 2: Allow change in text box, but send change to former and current owner for verification.


  • Affiliates – what do we need to account for in terms of permissions


  • New theme
  • Liz and Rich – follow up meeting

Search view

  • Revisit filters
    • Do we want intended audience
    • Default sort = most relevant
    • Do we want to search by product and support team? If not how do we find support team for editing?

Guidelines, Protocols, Terms of Service

  • Link
  • Consumers
  • Providers
  • Admins

User Testing