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Table of Contents

Development Milestones

In-Person Meetings

Here is a prioritized list of IT stakeholders that we propose having Michael give an in-person introduction to the tool, his strategic direction, and invitation to participate. We could also do a webinar.

  1. (tick)  Shel: Description and demo
  2. (tick) IST Liaisons: Introduction
  3. (tick) Directors: Bill provides product templates to department heads, 6/8
  4. (tick) Director's Meeting - Bill and Rich demo Tech Commons, 6/15
  5. (tick) IST Liaisons: demo, week of 6/21
  6. Micronet: demo on 8/29 (cf. Engagements #4)
  7. ITMF: date, TBD
  8. (tick) BPAWG: date, 7/28


  1. (tick) Request AppNet and LSCR to post its products post-Jun 24
  2. (tick) Rich and Yu-Tin/Bill introduce to Mara at ETS, late June
  3. Rich and Yu-Tin/Bill introduce to someone at Student Affairs, late June
  4. (tick) Rich demo'd to CORwE We: CalPact, Workshops/Staff Development
  5. (tick) Bill/Michael post to Micronet email list introducing the concept of the tool and shepherd a conversation as to how this tool could best complement the Micronet listserv.  
  6. MSOs? (CAO list, financial list)
  7. Michael Greene suggested Frasier at EECS
  8. David Greenbaum suggested Library
  9. (tick) Safari books online – part of CORwE

Rich/Bill to introduce the product via email to the CTOs of the following groups, and ask him/her to post a link to Tech Commons on their computer resource web site

  1. OCIO
  2. IST
  3. Boalt
  4. Haas
  5. School of Information
  6. College of Engineering
  7. LSCR
  8. Student Affairs (Angela)
  9. Micronet
  10. BPAWG
  11. For discussion: WebNet, DataNet, UIE
  12. VC Admin & Finance
  13. Shared Services site (Thera)?


  • (tick) iNews article in August
  • (tick) Contact Berkeleyan for parallel running of story

Mailing List

  • How do we inform folks of new releases features? Is there an IT mailing list we can use? Micronet?
  • Do we create an RSS feed from the Tech Commons for updates?