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Table of Contents


  • We will use an agile process where we will develop a limited set of working functionality in one-week sprints
  • The steering committee will make final decisions around functionality
  • We will document specific functionality with user stories
  • Rich and Kathleen will drive the UI decisions but bring decisions to the steering committee for ratification
  • We will get functionality working before we approach user interface issues
  • We will document tasks in JIRA:
  • We will document other project information in Confluence:


  • Project Management: Rich Meyer
  • Development Lead: Brian Lead
  • Presentation and UI Lead: Kathleen Lu

Jira Ticket submission

  • Proposal: After each steering committee, the development team will discuss and identify the critical tasks for the upcoming week.
  • Development tasks will be assigned to Brian Wood who will reassign, combine or separate tasks as needed
  • Operations, Policy, Community engagement, and Procurement issues will be assigned to Yu-Tin
  • Adding context, user story(ies) and screen shots are strongly encouraged to elucidate assigned tasks
    • Use png for screen shots
  • A current week's tasks will have Priority set to "critical", otherwise set priority to "major"
  • Before adding code, get approval from project manager as we are trying to minimize code writing
  • If a strategy or approach raises concerns, contact the relevant parties for discussion
  • Adding a comment can be done from within JIRA or by replying to the JIRA email notification
    • If replying to a JIRA email, do not quote the text of the initial email
  • Updates and comments will be automatically emailed to JIRA Leads and will be designated in the notification email with a prefix of "Updated"
    • Leads are expected to be watching for these emails and provide quick responses.
  • If a response is needed and has yet to be received, contacting the person directly is expected.
  • Task completion by an assignee will be noted by changing Status to "implemented"
  • Task postponement by an assignee will be noted by changing Resolve Issue to "won't fix" with a comment and/or a link to dependent issues
  • When a task is signed off by project manager, Resolve By will be set to "resolved" and then "closed"
  • When a task is not signed of by project manager, *Resolve By" will be set to "reopen issue"