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Build an application that provides text contributions of any technology-related offerings (products) being accessed by campus affiliates. These technologies include tools, applications, utilities, web-based services, professional services, etc. and include products developed beyond campus, i.e. Google Docs, but must be submitted by a campus affiliate. The application must have an attractive and intuitive user interface; and be simple to use so as to engage as broad an audience as possible. The application must include product rating and review functionality so as to provide a communication feedback loop--B2B, B2C, and C2C. The application must provide basic search across free text, folksonomic tags, and a controlled taxonomy of categories. The application must be include simple browsing functionality for IT professionals but have capacity to be browsable by any campus staff or faculty in future releases. The application must allow for filtering by yet-to-be-identified product metadata.



  1. Enables a product entry form(s) that requires minimal data --a stub (i.e. technology name and description) – as well as allows for detailed data submission in a simple way that allows a non-technical user to NOT feel overwhelmed.
  2. Provides a basic group contact entry form so that product providers can reuse contact information for multiple products.
  3. Provides a basic profile of each user with capacity to extend the basic profile in later releases. A basic profile would include information drawn from the CalNet directory, and will require a real name. (Some staff do not display themselves in the directory and would need to provide their name before being able to make contributions. The name should not be editable, the remaining fields should be editable; a few additional fields may be added.

Form Editing Capabilities

  1. Enables document and image upload
  2. Includes WYSIWYG editing including hyperlinks and video embedding
  3. Includes simple and intuitive editing, e.g. if someone wants to edit a product version, it should be easy and simple to both find and edit the section/field containing the version when in edit mode.
  4. Will allow preview before submission
  5. May provide ability to hide specific fields to non-authenticated users
  6. May allow uploading of videos

Review and Review Ranking Functionality

  1. Allows for a product review
  2. Allows for one nested layer for a comment on a review
  3. Provides a weighted thumbs up/down of reviews where the greater number of "thumbs up" responses raises your review toward the top of the page and vice-versa.
  4. May associate a product review to product version
  5. May provide a "best good review" and a "best bad review" at the top of review page; cf.


  1. Allows 5-star review of a product
  2. Allows rating to be changed
  3. Displays average rating
  4. Displays total number of user who have rated the product
  5. May display breakdown of how many user rated at each star level


  1. Creates a versions all product data edits made by any authenticated user
    • Should we version product review, review of comments, and review ranking data?
  2. May provides diff functionality between versions
    • If we decide this is not necessary in release 1.0, the capacity needs to be there.
  3. Allows curator to remove inappropriate postings and hides curator edits
  4. Displays versions to all users except for curator-removed versions
  5. Provides the ability of immediate rollback of product data by any authenticated user


  1. Allows any authenticated to be notified via email of any changes related to a product.
    • in Phase 1, should this include review and comment data?
  2. For future releases, allows for capacity for any authenticated user to be notified via email of any changes made by this user
  3. Notifies administrator of flagged inappropriate content


  1. Will search across free text, tag, and category
  2. Will provide nested browsing with one IT-focused taxonomy of product categories
  3. Will have capacity for multiple taxonomies or multi-parent taxonomies
  4. Will filter by yet-to-be-identified metadata
  5. Have capacity to associate various document types by metadata facets; e.g. when databases are searched for both the database products are displayed as well as a "databases" comparison guide.
  6. Will be searchable by public search engines
  7. If publicly viewable, may require the ability to hide certain fields to non-authenticated users
  8. Most likely not, but may be viewable without authentication


Basic User

  1. Allows any authenticated user to append or modify any product page; the ability to delete will need to be accounted for, but has yet to be defined.
    • Do we add a workflow that includes propose for deletion as part of release 1.0. This would allow someone who mistakenly added a product to not feel shame/stuck because they can not remove it.
  2. Allows any authenticated user to contribute, view and edit any product entry, and visibly associates a real name to each contribution.
  3. Allows any authenticated user to add a product review, add product rating, append or modify any product page; the ability to delete will need to be accounted for, but has yet to be defined.
  4. Allows any authenticated user to add a product tag(s) and/or taxonomic category(ies).
  5. Allows any authenticated user to flag inappropriate content
  6. Allows only individual users to modify or delete his/her product rating, modify or delete his/her product review, modify or delete his/her own comments on a review.
  7. Allows only individual users to modify or delete his/her product tag, modify or delete his/her taxonomic category.


An Curator will have all the rights of a user, as well as the ability to:

  1. move pages
  2. merge pages
  3. reassign categories
  4. add/modify categories
  5. remove an inappropriate tag
  6. lock editing of a product page
  7. remove an inappropriate product page
  8. remove any inappropriate / harmful data
  9. remove spam
  10. disable versioning, i.e. remove previous versions of a change
  11. block a user


An Administrator will have curator rights (although will not function in this capacity) plus the ability to

  1. support basic help requests

Future Capacity


  1. For future releases, have capacity to display contributions made by each user including new entries, edits, products reviews, product ratings, comments on reviews

Data Exposure and Ingestion

  • For future releases, have capacity to push and pull data data feeds
  • For future releases, have capacity to consume and expose data via an API
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