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IST Virtual Private Server Services builds on the existing VM Service to offer the campus an affordable and stable virtual hosting environment. A virtual private server or virtual machine (VM) is an efficient, isolated slice of a physical machine which has no direct correspondence to any physical hardware.

The service offers a base VM consisting of a vCPU, 1GB of RAM and a 1GB network connection. Disk can be purchased in 1GB increments in any of the tiers of service currently offered by the IST Storage group*. To further customize each VM, customers will be able to purchase additional RAM in 1GB increments and vCPUs as needed. Customers are able to operate and maintain their own VM and applications remotely, or have IST staff perform that work under the System Administration service. To get an estimate, or even submit a quote, please visit the IST Quick Calculator.

Each base VM is configured with one CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 1GB network connection.

*We expect customers to purchase additional storage to better address their specific technical, application, or operational needs. Additional standard or enhanced disk storage will be available at current Windows storage rates. OSes may only be installed on Standard, Enhanced or Premium Storage, but data can be stored on Economy-tier storage where applicable.

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