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Reading: Developing an institutional research data management plan service - EDUCAUSE

1. Who on campus is already involved / key stakeholders?
- Library (esp. science librarians)
- VCR & BRDO (Berkeley Research Development Office)
- ERSO (Engineering, large version of research administrators in departments)
- Development office -- carrot, not stick
- Individual PIs (big domain aspect)
- Deans (faculty development)
In-house consulting services (discipline-based) around DMPs?
1a. Is there a UCB-specific component?
- Extreme federation in research IT (research computing is everywhere)
2. How much does your unit care (or should)?
- re: DMP, if it's about adding high value to individual PI's, how important is this?
- In which domains/disciplines is reuse really important? If also required by NSF, this complicates DMPs
- Intel from funding agencies about importance of DMPs
- If gathering more info, have to do it w/ library & VCR
- Distinctive RIT skills around metadata consulting
A lot of other people are covering a lot of this; opportunity is knitting together services in certain areas
- Don't want to get into: library side, consulting on how to make grants more successful
3. What was good about this reading?
- Options for organizational model, skills needed
- Weakness: metadata creation & assignment
- Could use examples from several disciplines to illustrate stages of data management
Finding out how other domains have solved problem, thought about it, etc.
Stories about what people get out of it by not just using Excel
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