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The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete - Wired (discussed 5/23/13)

What is Data Science? - O'Reilly (discussed 5/23/13)

Building Data Science Teams - O'Reilly (discussed 5/23/13)

Big Data, Analytics and the Path From Insights to Value - MIT Sloan (discussed 5/23/13)

Discussion notes

What kind of role could we play in the application of Data Science?

- Discussions about philosophy of science (in broadest sense) -- less directly related to what we're trying to accomplish, but good to know enough about these issues
- Need to know enough about implications on tenure re: data publication so we can talk to faculty-- need to do background reading to be partners
- Questions about how much faculty know/care about data science could be good for a survey at some point (in certain domains, e.g. SocSci)
- Prototype projects, pilots -- figure out what tools, skill sets required, how we could put together a team to do it, manage it, etc. (or evaluate as scenarios?)
- We're unlikely to be hard data scientists, but does that leave us with no role? 
- Translation? Broker? Consultant? - getting involved with projects may come with funding for hiring
- Mining email data to assess bot garden roll-out
- Data sources: maybe should have some skills in discovery, or maybe this is discussion point for talking w/ other folks on campus re: data science (e.g. library)
- Lots of web-based lists of data sources, in library catalog
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