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Presentation by Jenn Stringer, ACIO, Academic Engagement. No readings this week.

Many new faculty (tenure) positions over 3-year period
adopting an engineering school-- never before had engineering program
how to support faculty the way they're used to at peer institutions (helps faculty recruiting)
Make a pitch for resources, but first determine what those resources need to be 

Phase 1:
1. identify institutions for comparison
2. define service areas to benchmark and criteria for benchmarking
3. assigning area experts
4. data gathering 

"aspirational peers" -- where looking to recruit faculty/grad students from

What might be there that wasn't included? - collaborative services left off, had done ask the year before for teaching/tech support
Already was a working group for web publishing/collaborative services

"digital scholarship support" - digital humanities
software development implicit in some of other categories

Assigned area experts-- people who are already working on this thing
Only looked at services offered as enterprise level service-- common good, not recharge
Followed up w/ area experts in addition to written reports, spreadsheets, rankings, etc.

Phase 2
1. summarize info in 1-2 pages
2. align/normalize results of each area for easier comparison by summarizing analysis into tiers (1-4)
3. round robin of presentations (3 hours) - questions, etc.
4. research infrastructure retreat w/ CIO and Library Dean level folks

Most review of work coming from staff "experts" being done at director levels, were keeping VP/CIO folks informed

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