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Announcement and reading list, sent to the Reading Group's listserve on 12 June 2014:

Our next Research IT reading (Thursday, June 19 at noon, in 200C Warren Hall) will feature a discussion about the emergence of data publications as a means of documenting and sharing research data. Chris Hoffman will facilitate.

John Kratz, a post doc with the California Digital Library, will join us to talk about an overview article he coauthored recently, "Data Publication Consensus and Controversies" in F1000 Research ( Please read this article in advance of the meeting.

In addition, at the end of May, Nature Publishing Group launched Scientific Data, its online open-access, peer-reviewed journal for data publications.  Please read the inaugural editorial at

Optionally, if you have an extra 90 seconds (!!), Scientific Data's video ( offers an animated perspective on why data publications matter.

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