Blog from April, 2014

  • A launch event is set for the Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) Program: Th 22 May, 3-5 pm at in Sutardja Dai Hall. Please mark your calendars; invitations are expected to go out to the campus during the week of 28 April.
  • Aaron Culich began working for RIT on 21 April in his new, dual IT Architect role: Cloud Computing Service Architect and Consulting Services Solutions Architect. Welcome to Aaron!
  • Patrick attended the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computing (CASC) spring meeting in Arlington, VA [agenda (PDF)]. He will report back on the meeting to his team on Tuesday 4/29, and a reading group session focusing on one of the key CASC topics – management of restricted data – is scheduled for Weds. 7 May during the noon hour.
  • Work continued in preparing the data center for the BRC institutional/condo cluster (power, cooling, racks, nodes).

On March 19, 2014, staff in the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive began using an instance of CollectionSpace to manage their CineFiles collection.  CineFiles is a collection of scanned images and curated metadata from press reviews, newspaper articles, press kits and other documents describing films and cinema more broadly.  According to the primary managers of this collection, the move to CollectionSpace has been very successful and has allowed them to streamline their operations considerably.

The CineFiles collection is curated by professional librarians and comprises these dimensions:
- 56K documents
- 134K page images
- 31K films
- 19K subjects and genres
- 37K persons
- 8K organizations

The public portal to the CineFiles collection is currently being refactored to use a snapshot of data and images managed in CollectionSpace.

The core SaaS (software as a service) related development work on CollectionSpace 4.1 is complete.  We'll now wait for LYRASIS to hire its new development team before performing any additional development on the 4.1 release.  Our goal is to work with LYRASIS to wrap up development on the 4.1 release and to perform a full release process with them. We believe this will be a great way for the new LYRASIS team to become familiar with some of the CollectionSpace source code and to learn about the CollectoinSpace release lifecycle.

For more detailed information about CollectionSpace 4.1, please see the release notes.

  • RAE consultation with Council of Humanities and Social Science Deans is proceeding, with packets of materials (slide deck, 1-page summaries of services areas) sent out to the Deans. A survey of faculty in these departments is in progress, aimed at assembling responses that will facilitate further strategic planning discussion at the May meeting of the COHSSD.
  • RAE presentation to John Wilton and Claude Steele is scheduled for next week.


See the ETS page RAE Portfolio Planning for an overview of the Research and Academic Engagement landscape survey project.



  • Work proceeds preparing the Data Center for instantiation of BRC's institutional/condo cluster: power, cooling, racks, and nodes are ordered and beginning to arrive / be installed
  • BRC service lead Gary Jung and RIT leadership met with Eric Fraser (EECS) and Nuclear Engineering Profs. Miassimiliano Fratoni and Rachel Slaybaugh re: NE researchers' interest in contributing to and using the BRC Institutional/Condo cluster
  • RIT Reading Group on Virtualization (notes) on 4/10, with representation from D-Lab, ETS, Econometrics/Statistics, IST-EIS, and RIT
  • The first LBL-BRC / RIT-AD joint team meeting took place on Friday 4/11


  • Preparations continue for digital humanities hackathon, in partnership with the Library
    • Event funding from Office of the Dean of Humanities, Library, Research IT, History Department
    • API completed and documented
    • Event website and Facebook event launched
    • Widespread event promotion on campus (through emails, posters)
    • Mentors recruited both from within Berkeley and nearby tech companies
    • 40 registrants before the kick-off
  • Digital Humanities Council is developing a proposal for a campus digital humanities program
  • Kick-off meeting for CUNY / DiRT development project (to integrate DiRT with Commons-in-a-Box and DHCommons)
  • Presented DiRT at sociology grad students' working group; a number of participants were particularly interested in exploring how they might use Berkeley Prosopography Services
  • Working with Ted Peña and his assistants on developing data model for his lab's website
  • Met with Hugh Richmond about archiving the existing Shakespeare's Staging site, and how to proceed with site re-build in Drupal
  • Presented on Views "recipes" at BDUG meeting